Rochelle L. Paley

Helping people and businesses with all of their legal needs.

I will work with you to create a business, resolve a dispute, draw up a transaction or solve a problem.

About Paley Law LLC

I’m Rochelle Paley.
As your business attorney, I will work with you to create a business, resolve a dispute, or draw up a transaction.

I became an attorney to help people and businesses navigate the system.  I know that it can be intimidating. Let me help you. 

 As your business attorney, I will help you with your legal needs, whether that is establishing a new business,  creating the transactions necessary to help you grow your business or helping you sort out any problems that arise along the way. I will be there to help you along your journey. 

I became an attorney to help people and businesses navigate the system.

Rochelle L. Paley

Rochelle is a lifelong Ohio resident and an active resident in her community. She has been in the legal community for 30+ years. Get to know more about how Rochelle Paley of Paley Law LLC can help your business.

About rochelle

I’m Rochelle Paley.
I Help Businesses Get The Job Done.


What Clients Are Saying

"I was referred to Rochelle to have new leases drafted for my investment properties. Rochelle patiently listened to all my concerns and drafted what I would call; 'the perfect lease.' Whenever I had challenges with a tenant, I was able to call Rochelle for sound, legal advice that always ended in a satisfactory result for me. I highly recommend Rochelle and Paley Law when you need to have new leases or contracts drafted for you or your business and investment property. Thank you Rochelle for all that you did for me!"

"I contacted Rochelle because I wanted to leave a business partnership. And I wanted to do this as amicably as possible. Rochelle's advice was instrumental in accomplishing this per my requests. And with her clear guidance on the proper procedure to do this and her suggestions and legal advice it was completed within a short time-frame. I could not be happier with the end result. I would highly recommend Rochelle to anyone who is looking for legal guidance as an attorney that listens to their clients needs and can direct them on the best path to make it happen."

"I've been in the Cleveland legal market for 20 years and seen all types of attorneys. If you want an attorney for issues relating to Landlord-Tenant, Bankruptcy or Business Disputes, I highly, highly recommend you speak with Rochelle Paley. She's so knowledgeable, focused and result-oriented. Let her craft a solution to your legal problems. You'll be glad you did!"

"I love working with Rochelle. She is my go to person for challenges with tenants and or when I have a client that is incorporating their small business. Rochelle does a great job. She is very professional. Get's right to the point and her fees are appropriate. You will love working with Rochelle, too."

"Rochelle assisted our client in a landlord tenant situation. Her professionalism and expertise were of great help navigating a difficult situation. I am always comfortable referring clients to Rochelle and know that they will receive excellent care."

"I am an Elder law attorney and I have had occasion to hire Rochelle to handle real estate matters for myself as administrator or guardian for individuals. She is a caring, and thorough in helping take these issues off my plate. She is very responsive and knowledgeable. She is my go-to for landlord tenant issues and I refer her for any business issues. You can't go wrong with Rochelle!"